Jacobs Capital Group is a private equity fund of funds that developed an innovative investing model to leverage global resources and opportunities that benefit our partner funds and our portfolio companies, allowing them to together increase successful outcomes.

Our core belief is in capitalism as a means for creating positive social, educational, and economic change. We believe in the power of a “hand up, not hand out” and the power of our entrepreneurs to create value and improve opportunities that will grow our economy and create high quality jobs in our communities.

We build progress and wealth by investing in companies though our fund of funds and through our direct investing arm, California Technology Ventures.

A Global Fund-of-Funds with a Different Vision...

A vision of being involved, collaborating with others for a collective benefit, sharing our knowledge and resources, and utilizing our entrepreneurial roots with discipline and focus.

Investing in like-minded venture funds around the world.

We invest in multiple experts and use our networks to increase our knowledge base. We believe it is more efficient to take advantage of a collective database than it is to recreate a database with each new enterprise. If we haven’t been at the forefront of a space, we prefer to partner with those who have. We invest in emerging managers who share this philosophy and collaborative approach because we think leveraging resources ultimately strengthens the portfolio companies we support.


It takes more than financial support to build a succesful company.

We bring the greatest value to our partners and portfolio companies through our collective experience and relationships. This trusted network allows us to validate intellectual properties with one another, share the lessons learned from related experiences, identify customers or consultants for our companies, and source opportunities that might not otherwise exist.

There is no monopoly on brains

Joseph. J. Jacobs
Investing in like-minded venture funds around the world.

By investing in like-minded venture funds around the world, we believe we are able to preserve the merits of local venture investing, while capitalizing on global opportunities. We are able to partner with established teams that already have deep networks and cultural knowledge while assisting the company day-to-day. We can watch and nurture our investments side-by-side, in a mutually beneficial relationship as an extension of one another’s teams.